Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall is upon us

Fall is upon us. This week the trees are at their peak in colors. The hills are bright with reds and gold offset in brilliant greens. The air in the mornings is getting just a bit too cool for short sleeves but it is really nice.

This past week, we found that we have an additional canine living with us. Magi was outside as usual and made quite a ruckus. Upon investigation, Dena looked under the truck and there was our new friend; a small fox. It seems to have taken up residence under our deck as we also discovered some "fox scat" (that's a nicer way of say poop) on our deck just outside the door. We think this is the fox telling us he is here to stay.


Lichen Frank said...

what sound does a fox make?

Lois Shepherd said...

Beautiful little fox. Such a pretty little face. Lovely colors also.