Monday, March 07, 2011

Snow storm

Its been awhile, but life has been a bit constant. Not much to report. This past week has had some events worth noting though. I have been in Canada again and this time I was able to get the simulator accepted for training. WAHOO! no more trips until the fall.
I returned on Wednesday and on Thursday Dena and I flew out to Phoenix to see Ethan and Ashley and the kids. What a great time we had! Playing with Logan, Gavin, and Jane was a lot of fun. We went to a ballgame on Saturday and had snow cones and cotton candy and popcorn.There was plenty of sunshine too, something Dena and I have had little of over the past few months of winter.
Coming home was quite an adventure. We left early Sunday morning hoping to find enough seats. Dena got on and I had to wait until the very end when I too got the very last seat on the plane. The seat was vacant because someone did not show up. We got to Detroit only to have to wait. The flight was full and delayed. After a couple of hours the flight was canceled and then the next flight- Bad weather in Binghamton. That sent us off to find alternate ways home. We tried Syracuse and then Elmira, hoping to get there and then rent a car home. No luck. We found another flight to Scranton, Pa at 11:00 O'clock.
As we waited the weather in Scranton got worse and worse. Well we took off and proceeded. In the descent I felt it would not be too good. As we got down to Minimums(200 feet) I couldn't see the ground and then the pilot did a Missed approach and this continined two more times. It was snowing and sleeting pretty hard. Well we finally made it down and there was clapping, something I've not heard since my South American trips.

Dena and I went down to rent a car to Binghamton and there were two others like us. We decided to Carpool rather than go our seperate ways. A one hour trip took us three. Semis were jack-knifed and cars in the ditches. It was a mess.
We made it to our street by around 4 a.m. but the rental car just could not make it to our street. Dena and I abandonded the car and walked the quarter mile home. Luckly we had a truck tire track through the 18 inches of snow.

Now we're just glad to be home!


Lichen Frank said...

YOu guys got stuck with returning the rental car? Where was your car, how was Magi alone in a snow buried house?

Lois Shepherd said...

Well, you certainly did have an experience -- in all that snow.
So glad you made it home safely.

The Bluths said...

Well I hope the trip was worth it, we sure liked having you here :)