Sunday, May 20, 2012

May posting

We must live a pretty boring life. There is just not much going on to post about. It is finaly summer. The garden is planted and the grass is green. I go back and forth to Nove Scotia at least once a month, the same as last year. I heard mr nephew Matt Holton is getting married this August. Acute bride he met in Washington. We should all plan to meet up there this year. We are looking forward to next month for Ashley and Ethan's number 4. She is due to arrive in late June. Hey, maybe she can share her Uncle Josh's birthday on the 29th.


The Bluths said...

It would be nice to share the same birthday, but I'd rather not go OVER my due date to make that happen.

Lois Shepherd said...

Soooo very glad to read your blog.
Matthew and his fiance will be coming to Salt Lake to get married. Hannah's parents live in Highland -- (down by Orem). So they will be getting married here. But you could still come to SLC for the wedding???
We would love that.